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Week 13: 49ers vs Miami Dolphins

Post by: Ben

Photos by: Terrell, Kym, Ben

It is Sunday December 09, the 49ers face the Miami Dolphins in Week 13 of the NFL season.

It has been two weeks since San Francisco lost Kendall Hunter to season ending injury against New Orleans. Hunter helped make the 49ers one of the top running offenses through the first ¾ of the season. Leading into the final four games of the 2012 season the 49ers face a competitive race for the division championship. In week 12 versus the Rams, it is apparent that without Hunter, the 49ers  have a void in their running scheme they need to fill.

Enter LaMichael James, and Anthony Dixon.

It has been 351 days since LaMichael James has played in the Rose Bowl, his last regulation football game. It has been approximately 4 months since pre-season, when Anthony Dixon was fighting to secure a roster spot.

Both James and Dixon have been eager to contribute. And both have an opportunity to contribute to a team with Super Bowl expectations on the line. This is no small task.

For James, his debut is a long time coming.

“Great things come when you’re being patient,” James said prior to the Miami game.  “I’m just happy that I have the opportunity to go out there and compete and help the team win today.”

The 49ers rolled over the Miami Dolphins 27-13 in a characteristic Harbaugh era team win. Perhaps the most important pieces to this win was the play of newly activated running back, LaMichael James, and Anthony Dixon.

Complementing Frank Gore, James rushed the ball eight times for 30 yards, caught one pass for 15 yards and returned three kicks for 79 yards. (Total of 124 All Purpose yards).  Dixon contributed key short-yardage gains, including a touchdown.

More importantly, Harbaugh identified his compliments to Frank Gore.

But what is most important is what their efforts display to fans. As fans, we are accustomed to overnight sensations the likes of Linsanity. But the contributions of Dixon and James tell a story of unselfishness, and a commitment to the idea of team. And more importantly, they convey how hard work, and perseverance pay off. They display how personal ambition can align with team dedication, and how patience and unselfishness can lead to productivity.

This week’s post is dedicated to the idea of hard work, contribution, and team, as shown through the contributions of Gore, Dixon, and James. You can read the series as individual photos, or a collective narrative of a running game with multiple contributors; it shows the team approach to running, and the success of individuals playing their part to achieve a common goal. 



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