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Double Vision

Post & Edit: Kym
Images: Terrell & Kym
October 29, 2012
Location: University of Arizona

Typically T-Lloyd covers road games by himself. It’s a tall order, I know. I’ve never had to cover a 49ers game solo, but I have for San Jose State. It’s a game of choices, mixed with a little luck when you’re alone. Every move is a little more calculated, because there’s no safety net aka someone covering the other side of the field if you guess wrong.
I made the trip to Arizona for Monday Night Football. Just coming off of a Thursday night game, I was back in Primetime mode, but without ‘Primetime’.. this time the ESPN crew, Stuart Scott, Steve Young & Trent Dilfer were present; along with Lisa Salters, a sideline favorite of both Terrell and myself.

At a typical home game, there are 4 of us. 3 shooters + 1 editor. We discect the field between us to ensure the best possibilites to capture every peak action play, sideline emotion, unique detail, and overall flow of the game.

The topic of this blog was to show you how Terrell & I split up the field and often shot the very same play from different angles. We never know what images the coach will pick after a win, or which images will be used for editorial stories for the website and/or marketings needs for publications including Game Day magazines thus the importance to get a variety of shots.

Unless noted otherwise, my shots are on the left, in comparison to Terrell’s on the right.

I’m shooting from the sidelines – appox 30yd line, Terrell’s shooting from the end zone.

Here, I am able to catch where Brooks is lining up on the outside. No way would I be able to get this shot Terrell took as he pressures Skelton.

I’m lined up for a ‘down the line’ shot, and Terrell’s in position for a blocked FG 

Kendall Hunter trying to shake defenders. Same exact picture, 2 totally different looks.

From the sidelines, I’m able to get a tight shot of Willis & McDonald. From the endzone, Terrell gives a broader peek into the action.

Red Zone plays can be tricky. If they catch the ball with their back facing you, you get my image on the left. Okay, but if you’re positioned on the other side like Terrell was, you have a clearer view of Vernon Davis, and the ball.

My image on top is known as an isolation shot. Basically a tight shot of a certain player. In this case, Alex Smith. Below, you see Terell’s shot from the end zone and the difference being able to see a piece of the play develop in terms of positioning & blocking linemen.

These are fun shots of Delanie Walker. My images are on top and you can see he caught the ball with his back to me, and turned towards the end zone for a good shot + the reaction of Manningham in the background.
Terrell’s shots below have a great view of the ball coming into Delanie in which he caught, and turned away from him but you’re able to see where he is in relation to the field.

Randyyy Mossss!! Who saw the juke he put on the Cardinals DB coming? This is a perfect example of (me) shooting across the field, and Terrell shooting as Moss headed straight towards him in the end zone.

Defensive shots and tackles can look like train wreck. Body parts flying all over the place. It’s nice to get open field shots when you can. Again… Same play. Different angle. Different look.

Did I just say train wreck? lol Here’s what one looks like.. in my image on the left you can see the RB with the ball being jumped on, mauled and eventually tackled. In Terrell’s shot, you see the RB trying to advance the ball, unsuccessfully, and Whitner flying in from behind.

Wanted to show you another reason it’s important to have more than one person shooting any given play. I was positioned on the sideline, Terrell was in the end zone. The play came towards me and I was shooting with the 300mm. As you can see in my image, on the left, they filled up my frame. Not a lot to work with. Only half of Aldon Smith and an almost headless Skelton. Luckily, Terrell was able to get the awesome sack from further back.
Sticking with the ‘Almost isn’t good enough’ theme. In Aldon’s celebration images below I was obstructed by the ref (which happens too often for my liking) and again, Terrell was able to capture it perfectly from the other side. #TeamWork

Saved the best story for last..
Most games we have our ‘sides’. Basically, I acquired mine by default after the tenure Terrell has on ‘his side’. So as the 49ers moved into the Red Zone on this play, I moved from sideline to end zone. I get to ‘my’ side and Terrell is there. I ask him if he’s going to stay, slide over.. or what he wanted me to do? He said… “Go ahead and go to the other side, I’ll stay here” And TWO plays later… THIS (pictured below) happened!!! I knew it. He knew it. That was my touchdown! I’ve been waiting all season for this one, and well… call it Karma! I took his Kaepernick TD in the preseason! #EvenSteven
More important than whose TD it was… is that we both got the shot as displayed below. Another great example of body positioning with my images on top, Crabtree looks and extends my way for a few shots and Terrell in the sweet spot when Crabtree came into the end zone!

Anddd… just for proof (& fun) here I am (circled) on the opposite side of the end zone aka Terrell’s side!!! =)

Away games give us a little freedom to shoot pregame a little differently because we don’t have the same demands and responsibilities as we do at our home games. Terrell & I walked around and got randomly creative with ESPN crew/set, fans and stadium shots.  



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