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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Darby Weber

Post & Edits: Melissa
Images: Terrell, Kym, & Ben
October 7, 2012
Candlestick: 49ers vs Bills

The month of October has officially ended for 2012. And while we won’t witness bright pink on the field, like we did all last month, the reason and awareness will not be forgotten. The San Francisco 49ers and the NFL did an amazing job at putting Breast Cancer Awareness month at such a high level of priority in every way possible, and I applaud them for that.

I was able to see first-hand how much the 49ers got involved with Breast Cancer Awareness month while working on the field. Given the opportunity, I met with one of the many women who participated in the halftime show, during the game against the Buffalo Bills back in Week 5. Being that it was the first game of the month for the 49ers, I found the atmosphere to be much “brighter” than usual. I loved it, and so did Darby Weber.

Walking down the stadium steps toward Weber and her husband, I immediately could hear her laughing as Kym was taking their picture. I waited for the last clicks of the camera were done before I made my way over. We sat down, and I had a great one-on-one conversation about her experiences and everything she has gone through, being a breast cancer survivor.

“I’ve been in remission and cancer free for almost four years,” said Weber. “I was diagnosed a few months before my 34th birthday.”

A wife and a mother of two children, she’s been through her share of struggles with breast cancer. Having to step aside from being the rock and foundation for her husband and kids, was one of the hardest things she had to go through, but having her wonderful and supportive family by her side every step of the way, made the fight a bit easier.

“I went to close to 400 appointments with my mother,” said Weber. “It was amazing how everyone stepped in and helped.”

I could see her happiness whenever she spoke about her family. She smiled as she glanced over to her husband who was standing a few rows below us, and it was apparent how much stronger, surviving breast cancer has made Weber. It’s taught her children compassion and given them an understanding of helping those in need. “It’s made them become better people,” Weber said. The admiration for her loved ones was something great in itself.

We both took a moment to look around the stadium, and talked about what the 49ers and the NFL have done for Breast Cancer Awareness month.

“I think it’s absolutely amazing. Putting it out there with the awareness, especially football players. The big tough guys, wearing pink, showing that real men can wear pink. It affects many of them as well and their families. I love being a part of that, really spreading the knowledge. Showing women, and telling them that early detection is key. In October, the NFL does a great job in putting that in the forefront. I love that the NFL ties that in. It’s my favorite month of the year. I love football and I’m a huge 49ers fan.”

The 49ers organization asked Weber and other women to take part in the halftime show that day, and I could only imagine how special she must have felt to experience such a fantastic moment. To be honored with these other women for their fight and survival, in front of thousands of people at Candlestick Park would make any person content.

“I feel really special, not just because I’m a survivor, but because I’m living the moment. I’m able to watch this awesome game, with this awesome team, and have these awesome people surrounding me,” said Weber. When asked how breast cancer has changed her life, “I’ve become a very grateful person.”

Darby and her husband, Adam.

 Check out Darby’s photography here!

Terrell and Darby hanging out during halftime.



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