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Back to Basics

Post & Edits: Kym
Images: Terrell, Kym & Ben
Candlestick: 49ers vs Seahawks

Sometimes, less is more.

We all love the trickery. Misdirection. Confusing the opposing teams for first downs and touchdowns. It creates a mystique. You never know what’s coming next. With the depth on the 49ers roster literally anything is possible.

Last week’s game against Seattle was not only a national televised game, it also came just four days after a tough loss to the Giants. In that game we saw two QBs and multiple formations that led to three points.

Thursday nights bring on a life of its own. The entire NFL Network crew sets up on the sidelines with popular personalities such as HOFers Deion Sanders, Michael Irvin, Marshall Faulk, and ex-head coach Steve Mariucci. There’s always more people, media, photographers, and videographers at night games; and this divisional grudge match was no exception.

For the players and coaches, TNF means they must have short-term memory after the Sunday loss and attack the work week aggressively and efficiently. Only two days of practice challenges coaches to make the best adjustments in only 72 hours. Most athletes might agree that playing rather quickly after a loss is good for the psyche to right some of those wrongs and try to place another win under their belt.

The 49ers weren’t jaded at all by Seattle’s surprise emergence behind their rookie QB. However, instead of a complex game plan, they leaned on the only consistent identity they have right now: smash mouth RUN game. They let the Seahawks do the talking, while they did the running. It’s what works.

And so this week’s blog is really just about fundamentals > flash.
Hit hard. Wrap up. Run your routes. Block. Hit your holes. Protect the ball.
Give 4-6 seconds of relentless effort.



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