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The 48 Hour Rule

Post & Edits by: Ben
Images by: Terrell, Kym & Ben
Candlestick – 49ers vs Giants

In 2011, Jim Harbaugh’s Panther Racing Team driver, J.R. Hildebrand, held a four-second lead entering the final turn of the Indy 500, but crashed into the retaining wall and slid to a second place finish.

As the story goes, Jim Harbaugh offered Hildebrand some advice…

“We have a thing here called the Harbaugh Rule,” Panther Racing CEO John Barnes said. “Forty-eight hours after something good or bad happens, we’re on to the next thing. Jim taught me to get over it and get on down the road. Just move on and figure out how you’re going to handle the next situation. So, yeah, I followed the Harbaugh Rule last year.”

The Harbaugh rule will come in handy after the 49ers 26-3 loss last Sunday at the hands of NFC foe NY Giants.

After dismantling the NY Jets and Buffalo Bills for a combined point total of 79-3, the thriving 49ers were beat up on their home field in front of an impassioned Candlestick crowd.

If it is true that a every image tells a story, then the story of last week’s loss is one of a 49ers effort, a 49ers struggle, but not a 49ers triumph.

This week’s blog post presents two things visually.  First, the images thematically portray the struggle the 49ers endured against the Giants, and second, the sepia tone lends a visual queue to photography’s past. Sepia tone is a historic photographic process, and it’s use photographically suggests that last week’s game is history. In other words, like J.R. Hildebrand’s view of the 2011 Indy 500 Race, the 49ers must move forward and leave the Giants game a thing of the past.

And casting last weeks performance into distant memory has never been more imporant than this week, because the 49ers host a division rival, the Seattle Seahawks, on Thursday Night Football. And if it is true that a team defines itself by how it responds to adversity, then the 49ers will display their character tomorrow night. Indeed, they will need to embrace the 48 hour rule, and attack the task at hand.

Go Niners!




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